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Marketing Strategy Services Our marketing strategy services help clients make important decisions. We implement transformational strategies that result in increased sales and profits. These include defining objectives and goals, forming execution tactics, market segmentation strategies, advertising strategy and media optimization, innovation strategy, positioning, and allocating marketing spending resources.

Product Services Foresight Consulting provides clients with expert advice on all product related issues. The firm identifies product strategies for its client companies to ensure competitiveness in the market and secure strategic objectives. Foresight Consulting also assists its clients in managing their product portfolios optimally.

Customer Insights Foresight Consulting provides its clients with in-depth customer insights through a number of expert research methodologies and their analysis. The firm also specializes in providing clients with a customer perspective of their businesses through first hand customer experiences through the Mystery Shopping service.

Brand Services Foresight Consulting believes in the power of the brand and works towards maximizing the brand value and equity of its client companies. The firm develops brand strategies, positioning and identities for its clients as well as optimizes their brand portfolios to achieve the ultimate potential of each brand.

Concept Development and Realization Foresight Consulting is a pioneer at developing out-of-the-box fresh concepts for its clients to ensure that their businesses are competitively ahead of the game. Foresight Consulting also manages the implementation of these concepts until they are realized into a reality.

Pricing Services Foresight Consulting provides its clients sound pricing strategies pertaining to their products and services to ensure competitiveness in the market as well as securing maximum profitability.

Channel Management and Distribution Advisory Services Foresight Consulting is a leader in delivering effective channel management and distribution services through identifying, recommending, planning and managing channels based on customer segments. The firm also manages the channel economics to maximize revenue and minimize distributions cost to ensure effectiveness.