Our Process

Data GatheringThe data-gathering phase is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market, the company, the consumer/ customer and the competition. This data assists in drawing an accurate picture of the current situation and will help in formulating strategy.
Capabilities AuditUnderstanding the client company’s capabilities and capacities is imperative to draw the competitive advantage of the company amongst its competition. This includes but is not limited to product, distribution and production capabilities.
Operation AssessmentAfter scanning the four key areas a thorough analysis will be undertaken. The outcomes of the analysis should include key highlights in terms of growth trends, players’ main strengths and weaknesses with focus on the client company and its opportunities and problems from the customer perspectives.  Also, the main market gaps and opportunities are now pinpointed.
VisionThe long-term strategic vision will be the guiding principle by which individual strategies are drawn, and must be in accordance with the interests of shareholders.
Stratigic ObjectivesThe long-term strategic direction will serve to boost long-term profitability, cement a solid competitive position, and ensure consistent sustainable growth rates for both sales and market share.
StrategiesFunctional strategies pertaining to penetration, launching projects and the target market are derived. These strategies include positioning, brand, product, pricing, distribution and communications
TacticsPlanned marketing tactics are rationalized and developed to serve functional marketing strategies to achieve the strategic marketing objectives of the client company.
ExecutionForesight Consulting carries out through the execution, implementation and monitoring of all marketing related activities for the brand/s of the client company.