Market Scan & Analysis

Foresight Consulting undergoes market scanning to identify market sizes, growth trends, potentiality, and segmentation. Moreover, our firm carries out a competitive overview of the market to identify main players, their market shares, available brands and products, as well as their key strengths and weaknesses. This service aids clients thoroughly understand the market in order to make sound decisions before venturing.


Company Situational Analysis

Foresight Consulting builds a thorough understanding Through the Internal analysis of company sales and capabilities allowing for the optimization of the product portfolio, whereas external analysis determines the market gaps and opportunities to seize, in light of the company’s situation in the market.


Product Development & Launches

Continuous product development and innovation are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s markets. Foresight Consulting analyzes consumer insights to be able to deliver exactly what is demanded from the market place. Our proposition takes into account our client’s internal strengths and capabilities when developing new products, in order to pursue the best opportunity and reiterate the brand’s innovative image to consumers. Foresight Consulting also provides a detailed product launch plan with set activities to ensure the product successfully appeals to the desired consumers.


Pricing Strategies

Utilizing a combination of multiple tactics, Foresight Consulting provides clients with viable pricing strategies to ensure client products and services maintain competitiveness in the market, while securing maximum profitability.


Channel Management & Distribution Strategies

Foresight Consulting is a leader in delivering effective channel management and distribution services through identifying, recommending, planning and managing channels based on consumer segments. The firm also manages channel economics to maximize revenue and minimize distribution costs to ensure effectiveness.


Communication Strategy & Budgeting

Through market segmentation, identifying the desired target market and positioning Foresight Consulting specifies the key communication messages that will be conveyed to the consumer. The Consulting team will also recommend the necessary activities and methods (ATL & BTL) for promoting the product in a manner that will be best reciprocated by the targeted consumer. The client will receive a detailed account of all proposed activities, timings, and budgetary requirements.


Sales Forecasting

Sales projections impact a business’s cash flow, inventory, pricing, as well as govern daily operations. Foresight Consulting utilizes several different methodologies to accurately forecast sales into the foreseeable future. Our firm understands that an accurate sales forecast is a prerequisite for an effective planning process, and serves as the foundation upon which all strategic decisions are built upon.

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