Commercial Due-Diligence

As a local pioneer in full-scale commercial due diligence services, Foresight Consulting provides a full assessment and review of the client’s commercial infrastructure, activity, and performance – in light of projected market conditions, industry dynamics, and the competition. This service allows for a more informed decision-making process when aligning the company’s strategy.


Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory (M&A)

Foresight Consulting provides advisory services to enterprises seeking to grow and expand their operations through acquisitions. We understanding the difficulty companies face in order to make informed decisions about an M&A opportunity, due to the lack of updated and verified market data. Our consulting services assesses the attractiveness of the opportunity and provide a final recommendation whether or not the acquisition should be pursued.


Commercial Concept Development

In an increasingly competitive market, it is crucial for a product to stand out against other offerings. Foresight Consulting has decades of experience in the development of creative concepts that are distinctive, memorable, and outline the product’s key strengths  aligning it with its stipulated target market and positioning.

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