Brand Name Development

A brand name is the foundation of a product’s identity. Foresight Consulting pilots the creative process of brand name development with the client company to generate a unique, memorable name that cuts through the noise and stands out within a crowded market. Assuring the brand name is aligned with the Brand’s positioning and is relevant to the targeted segment.

Design Development

Foresight Consulting supports clients through the management of the design process of products and their packaging, ensuring that the needs and expectations of the consumer are addressed. Our firm prides itself on developing the concept to its true potential, delivering appealing product and packaging designs in a manner that is guaranteed to promote the product.

Corporate Identity Development

Building a corporate identity and image is crucial as it serves as the company’s first impression. Foresight Consulting works with clients to outline guidelines that govern how the identity is applied, including elements such as color palettes, typefaces, page layouts and templates among other factors ensuring a full Corporate Identity manual is developed acting as a guide when the branding is utilized.

Brand Strategies & Architecture

Foresight Consulting believes in the power of the brand and works towards maximizing the brand value and equity of its client company. Our firm develops brand strategies, brand structures, positioning, and identities for our clients, as well as optimizing brand portfolios to achieve the ultimate potential of each brand. Ensuring healthy connectivity between umbrella and mother brands and their sub-brands.

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