bluemarlin accelerates business by building brands that live in the hand, heart and mind.
We achieve this by championing consumer needs through insight driven strategic thinking, and intuitive creative design, fusing function and emotion to disrupt and delight.
Our goal is to imagine and realise more profitable and responsible futures for our clients, through strategy, innovation, design, market activation and integrated communications.
Working with Multinationals, Challenger brands and Entrepreneurial start ups, we use our imagination, courage and energy to effect positive change for consumer and planet.
Working in partnership with our clients, their vendors and externals consultants, we apply broad capability and social responsibility to ideate smarter, creating brand preference, but in a way that better manages the effect of our growing consumerism.
Our five guiding principles that we live and work by are :
– Be brave
– Embrace conflict
– Think inside out
– Cross-pollinate
– Get your hands dirty

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